Airplane Tours FAQ


Denver Airplane Rides & Gift Certificate FAQs

Is it hard to learn to fly?
No. People of all shapes and sizes, ages, and abilities have learned to fly. It's fun, and from the beginning of your training you get to do most of the actual flying!
Flying isn't difficult to learn, but you must be prepared until you meet all the requirements. Also, take into consideration the costs of becoming a pilot, which you will be responsible for.
Is flying safe?
Yes. A well-built and well-maintained aircraft flown by an experienced pilot is as safe, or safer, than many other forms of transportation, including cars!
When will I need a student pilot's certificate?
You will need to obtain a student pilot's certificate before you can fly solo. However, you don't need a student pilot's certificate just to take flying lessons.
How do I get a student pilot's certificate?
Upon your request, an FAA-authorized aviation medical examiner will issue you a combined medical certificate and student pilot certificate after you complete your physical examination. Student pilot certificates may be issued by an FAA inspector or an FAA-designated pilot examiner. Applicants who fail to meet certain requirements or who have physical disabilities which might limit, but not prevent, their acting as pilots, should contact the nearest FAA office.