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Raleigh Flying Lessons

Check out our Flying Lessons packages.

Discovery Flights - Our Discovery Flight airplane rides will change your life forever! This intro to aviation lasts 30 minutes with your pilot, who may allow up to five minutes of hands-on training at his or her discretion.

5 Hour Power Package - If you're serious about becoming a pilot, then the 5 Hour Power Package is just what you need! This package consists of approximately 3 hours of ground school and nearly 2 hours of logged flight time. It includes informational videos or DVD's, an Instruction Manual, and various study guides.

Recreational License Package - This package includes approximately 30 hours of logged flight time, and will allow you to enjoy your airplane rides within the parameters of your local airport.

Private License Package - This option allows you more freedom and flexibility than a Recreational License. The Private License Package includes approximately 60 hours of logged flight time and 15 hours of ground school. With a Private License, you may fly from one airport to another. If you want to make flying your career, then you must continue your training to earn a Commercial License. A Commercial License will entitle you to all the privileges of a Private License, but will also allow you to charge a fee for your services.